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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Well, Manning rolling right didn't work out to well in OT, you may recall.

And again, it wasn't the 3rd down run (the right call IMO) that lost us the game. It was that Jacoby Jones/Raheem Moore debacle that did us in.
That was not a designed playcall, the protection broke down immediately and Manning panicked. It was 2cd and 6 for goodness sake as well, he should have thrown that ball away. He knows better.

However, if they ran that play (Sprint right option) on that third down its a low risk high reward way to play it with aggression versus passivity. There could also have been an incomplete there, but if the TE is open that's a real good risk I would take all day, every day.

Plus, that is not a standard DEN play and BAL would not have reacted well to that playcall. I gaurantee they would have had a shot at making the first down and maybe more.
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