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Originally Posted by steeledude View Post
One thing I am upset about is how Jaime isn't portrayed as the ultimate bad ass he is in the books. That scene where he and Ned fought in the series was crap, Ned in the books wouldn't have stood a chance against Jaime. When Jaime got to fighting in the books, as a reader, you got terrified. The Whispering Wood was a real missed opportunity.
[As far as I can recall we only get to read a scene where Jaime is actually fighting once in the series.When he and Brienne are fighting in the shallows of the Trident. Everything else is just his reputation that makes people fear him.
Correct me if I'm wrong please.
We do get him or others recalling his tourney victories, and how he cut through men in the whispering wood, but nothing present tense aside from the formentioned event.
He is a badass though
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