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I just want to say as a book reader--this series surpasses the fantasy genre. I read upthread Martin being compared to Jordan and Goodkind, and I'm just going to say not on their best days. Martin writes far better, more compelling storylines. Those first three books are a thing of beauty. The fourth was a definite bore...but with the fifth slated to be released soon I think there is a chance for redemption.

I wholeheartedly recommend people read the books first. They are phenomenal.

One thing I am upset about is how Jaime isn't portrayed as the ultimate bad ass he is in the books. That scene where he and Ned fought in the series was crap, Ned in the books wouldn't have stood a chance against Jaime. When Jaime got to fighting in the books, as a reader, you got terrified. The Whispering Wood was a real missed opportunity.

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