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Originally Posted by Tredici
Got home late and started flipping between the Nugs and Avs both already in progress. I'm looking at the Nugz uniforms and thinking, what the hell??! When did they switch to orange instead of yellow??!! Took me a while to catch on to the Rocket throw back thing. JR said he was keeping his.

Nuggz is right. The team is highly entertaining to watch. Even the fkups are done with flair.

Wonder how they manage to keep Melo (Anybody catch the floor anouncer singing Meeelllo and the crowd singing back Meelllo like "day-o") out of the All Star game this year?
Agreed. I actually like the fact both Melo and JR had matchin headbands to go with em...I mean small potatoes for a sports organization, but still pretty cool.

West is stacked at the forwards, and as long as Yao, TD, and KG are getting automatic bids it'll be tough to crack it. I wasn't shocked nor entirely outraged he hasn't done it yet.

I think Melo makes it this year though if the Nugss keep winning at a decent pace and he keeps it up.

But I mean, you got those 3, Dirks' gonna be in there, as will Boozer (assuming Utah stays hot and he does as well, and not injured).

At best you are going to get 8 roster spots, more like 7 for the 3,4,5 spots.

So now you got 2 spots for:

Brand, Randolph, Marion (though I think he's cooled a bit, and he's a Blazer), Melo, Amare, maybe even Biedrins and Camby...

Which actually sucks for Camby, cause I don't think the Nuggets get two slots despite what I hope to be a strong showing in the standings and stats.
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