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Phillip Lindsay

Great post. I agree with most of everything you said. ESPECIALLY Boykins. God I wish they would unload him. But as I've said many times, Karl loves him for some reason.

J.R. has been awesome. No doubt about it. Considering how young he is the Nuggets have found a gem. Yes, he will take some bad shots, but dude SHOULD be a junior in college right now. I stated on opening night that he had a great chemistry with Carmelo, and boy, has that come true. Dude is averaging over 20 points a game and if he keeps it up he's in line for most improved. Bravo.

Love Camby. He's the man. Stay healthy and he will get that all-star performance. Andre? Yes, he is what we thought he was; and inconsistent guy who will have nice averages but will disappear on the odd night. I will continue to say he is the wrong PG for this offense, but with the way the offense is clicking right now, who am I to question? I just wonder what they would look like with the RIGHT PG in there. A man can dream, can't he?

Well, "The Witches of Breastwick" just came on showtime. I um, have to go, or something....
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