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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
The Jacksonville Jaguars remain interested in acquiring Kansas City quarterback Tyler Thigpen, and the Chiefs are certainly open to trading him. That mutual interest has not cooled and sources close to the situation maintain this trade could still occur.

Scott Pioli, who runs the Chiefs, is asking for a third-round pick for Thigpen, which is an awful lot for a third quarterback. However, with newly crowned ó and compensated ó starter Matt Cassel there, Thigpen isnít getting the reps and having Thigpen around, should Cassel falter, could create a QB controvery, something the rebuilding club would not welcome.

Jacksonville first offered a sixth-round pick for Thigpen, then upped it to a fifth and they remain strong possibilities. Thursday night the Jags QBs went a combined 17-for-31 for 171 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. David Garrard has been shaky as a starter for a while now, and they donít have a dependable backup on the roster. Thigpen had been nursing a rib injury but is likely to play Saturday night. Other teams like Thigpen, too, but Pioliís demand in this case is steep.

League sources continue to suggest that should Pioli be unable to get that third-round pick, Jacksonville is a prime candidate to pull something else, with a fourth-rounder possibly the happy medium in all of this.
I'd pull the trigger a third for Thigpen. Kid's a gamer for a measly third.
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