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Originally Posted by Guess Who View Post
Well, people saying the Dodge Challenger Hellcat was overpriced at $70,000 might be surprised to learn that the car is only going to cost $60,900

To me that sound slike a hell of a deal. Still cheaper than a Mercedes, Viper or Vette.
Apples and oranges. A vette/viper is not a muscle car. They are a special class of fast, powerful car designed with the ability to turn (i.e a sports car). I know, quite the radical idea for you mustang/challenger/camero aficionados =P

A $60,000 muscle car is... a complete waste of money regardless of the maker. The whole point of a muscle car is to get a high performance, low cost car using more or less "off the shelf" components. Meant for "spirited driving" and occasional drag racing (no turning required, woohoo!).

Once you start dropping the kind of money that would get you a real sports car... might as well get a real sports car.
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