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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
I know, I already started a thread to complain about hitters showing up pitchers, but I've got something else that's pissing me off. That thing is hitters wearing armor to the plate and leaning into pitches. I watched Lastings Milledge pull that crap twice over the weekend. He wears a huge elbow pad to the plate and he stuck it out intentionally and got plunked once, stuck it out a second time and didn't (though he tried to sell it to the umpire that he did).

When are the league and the umps going to put an end to this crap? The league needs to limit the armor that these guys are allowed to go to the plate with and the umps have the right to deny a hit batsman first base if they determine that he either leaned into one or made no effort to get out of the way. Do your f'n jobs.
Amen. Carl Everett did that **** all the time...
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