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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
For every scientist that says man is the primary cause of climate change, you can find another who will say man is not.
WRONG! READ THE ARTICLE. It's just a month old ... it's NEWS!

[sarcasm]You see, from time to time in this modern world, new information becomes known - information that sometimes concerns important topics, or at the very least, topics that people are interested in. When this kind of new information becomes known to media outlets, they publish it in papers, on TVs, radios and on the Internet. It's called NEWS.[/sarcasm]

NEWS was made about global warming on February 2, 2007, and it was reported in the Washington Post. Apparently there was a conference of scientists from 166 countries and they agreed unanimously. Maybe you're not up on the news, but here's how that conference changed their previous findings:

Originally Posted by Washington Post
While the summary did not produce any groundbreaking observations -- it reflects a massive distillation of the peer-reviewed literature through the middle of 2006 -- it represents the definitive international scientific and political consensus on climate science. It provides much more definitive conclusions than the panel's previous report in 2001, which said only that it was "likely" -- meaning between 66 and 90 percent probability on a scale the panel adopted -- that human activity accounted for the warming recorded over the past 50 years.

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