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Originally Posted by whoeey View Post
I'm watching replay right now, WTF with all the Manning bashing? If Peyton had wide ******* open receivers like brady did, maybe he would have had better numbers. Peyton made some great throws to double coverage, not his fault for the drops.

This loss is on the d, not PFM.
The D scored a TD and set us up on short fields twice.. DRC went down, their line started to block and we had a HOF QB tearing us to ribbons because we had literally nothing in the already depleted secondary.

You cannot genuinely give Manning a pass for that, he was terrible. He may have had covered receivers and all that but he's a contender for GOAT and should be able to do better against the pats than a 70 QBR...a full 40 points worse than he's been on average this season.
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