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Originally Posted by Pezman
Honestly, if we could get a mod in here, I'd personally nominate Elsid13, Slug or Shack in a heartbeat. That's not to say that LABF , W*gs or anyone else isnt worthy by the way... just my personal choices.

As for the rest of this forum, as long as the attacks aren't personal, obscene and vicious threats, then its all fair game in here IMO.

Thanks I think. I saw the thread in that caused some of the problem, and it did cross the line on PG13 site(and the guy that did it is one of my all time favorite posters on the board) . I know politics is emotional issue and folks get passionate about their position, but sometime you need to just take a step away, or you end up acting like Bobo, CrazyHorse or at worse PATCH. I had to do it half a dozen time in last couple of weeks. (Mainly because I need to find some female companionship, but that another story ) Beside on the Hill you would be surprise how many folks on the both side of the aisle actually hang out together.

I rather keep this section of the board up and running so I personnel ask folks to relax a little, remember at the end of the day all that matter is DENVER kicking the crap out of rest of the NFL. That and keep those damn French in thier place.
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