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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by B-Love
So Cal,

When they went to 1-4 including the first two losses at KC, I said "Uh oh, they've already lost a few they won last year."

So it's real nice to get a win they didn't get last year back into the right side of the ledger. Wins against Johan are seldom so I am stoked we got one back from him.

What a hit by Thome. Money!!!!!
I am pretty happy now. I was also quite worried at 1-4. I tried to brush the preseason off but when it started badly in the real games, I got quite concerned, especially at the starting rotation's poor outings outside of Buehrle, as well as the terrible efforts by Politte, etc. in the pen. The whole starting staff is starting to get it together and as you noted earlier, Scotty is starting to make some plays too.
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