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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
I'm not. The only thing about gold that I'm more sure of than breaking the $2000 barrier, is that it's very volatile. Guessing the timing is like guessing who's going to win MNF tonight. (Go Broncos!) If you sell over $2000, then anything under, even $1999 is a good buy. $850 is a great buy, but I'm not going to risk what I have to get it. I'm just not as confident that we'll see $850 before $2000. I think it will happen, but not enough to risk it, or pay capital gains taxes, or pay the premium to buy it back. It's a lot easier to bet on the underdogs tonight and take the points. lol
I put a hedge on with some other stuff a few weeks with this spike over the past week, I think I was waaaay to early.
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