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Originally Posted by Action View Post
No but all humans/citizens have the right drink and smoke (if they're in the right state/country).

Please link me to any negative incident involving smoking weed. I agree with the drinking though. Everyone drinks though.

You people put athletes on an imaginary pedestal while your favorite companies' CEO that's getting paid 100's of millions is off snorting a line and supporting prostitution.

If you people put yourself on this same pedestal you might be something.
Technically Federal law trumps state law. Which makes smoking weed Illegal. However the administration has chosen to turn a blind eye.

Life has choices, rules. You cant cry when you get busted for breaking the rules. The NFL is his employer and they make the rules. You DON'T have to play football. Mcdonads is hiring.. Oh wait they don't allow smoking weed either.

It boggles my mind on how you don't understand this.
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