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I would blame Hot Carl before I would blame Pioli.

Carl unloaded Allen, drafted Bowe, decided to start what I believe was a league record of rookies in Herms last year, thought starting Brody "Winless Wonder" Croyle was acceptable, ETC...

You guys got lucky in 2009 but this has been brewing for 43 years. Most fanbases would have started complaining before the turn of the century.

No one complained about the Romeo hire before the year, hell there were plenty of people that picked kFc to win the division this year and some that had them winning the SB. This thread was started in April, we knew all along that your team was hot trash. Just didn't expect it to be "Unknown Comic" type bad.
King Carl was an elite GM at the start of his time in KC. He did what John Elway is doing now.

In his first 4 years King Carl brought in a HOF pass rusher, HOF RB, HOF QB and a great HC who knew how to find talent in coaching and player personnel.

KC had one of the best coaching staffs in NFL history in the 90's. Marty, Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Herm Edwards (he's an elite DB coach), Mike McCarthy. Also Russ Ball, one of the best front office men in the NFL today (with GB and rumored as next GM) was a part of that staff.
Things were never this bad under Carl. DV had some good teams, even though defense wasn't a part of them.

And the Jared Allen trade was horrible, but looking back, I'd say it's close to a fair trade. We got a good LT in Branden Albert (he's been fantastic this year) and an elite RB in Charles, not to mention the 2008 draft was a great way to deflect the Allen fiasco considering we picked 4 really good players.

What Pioli has done is disgusting. He was a slam dunk hire in 2009. Most people thought it was a great hire too. But Pioli is another Patriot failure, so it's time to look elsewhere and begin anew.

This years Chiefs team is nowhere near as bad as it really is. There are some talented players on the roster. Coaching and poor QB play have killed this team. Cassel alone has accounted for 90% of the turnovers which have destroyed us. A quality HC and QB would make this team a Wild Card contender in the weak AFC.

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