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How to avoid being tagged as a terrorist: Don't pay cash for coffee
Barista on Watch: FBI program distributes generic criteria as 'terrorist warning signs'

The CAT/SLATT criteria aren't quite as precise. They differ for each industry, and some are actually useful (e.g. "requests large quantities of hydrogen peroxide or acetone" and "travels illogical distance to store").

Most of the "warning signs" could apply to almost anyone, any time, making the whole effort less credible both to trainees and the currently-not-alert-enough baristas and clerks the feds evidently count on to foil the next major terrorist attack.

Using Google Maps to find your way around a strange city, to view photos of sports stadium or the cities themselves or installing software on your PC designed to protect your privacy online are all solid indications not that you're a terrorist, rather than a web-savvy traveler.

The latest revelation from the FBI files? Paying in cash for coffee.
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