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Originally Posted by alkemical View Post
With information about the cia helping saddam gas Iranian troops and admission they overthrew the pm...I'd be very suspect on information received.
They need to allow the weapons inspectors time to do their job, we don't need another 'Iraq' and without a 3rd party verification, that's exactly what we might be getting.......another recruiting bonanza for Al Qaeda.

Good read from the BBC.

Syria attack may force search for peace
By Jim Muir BBC News, Beirut

The Western powers have never wanted the rebels to win.
Syrians in Bulgaria protest against Wednesday's suspected chemical weapons attack (23 August 2013) The US and UK insist "significant use of chemical weapons would merit a serious response"

Their strategy has been to redress the balance so that the regime came under such pressure that it would cave in, dump the Assad leadership and negotiate a transition that would exclude the inner ruling circle while preserving stability and state structures.

There has never been evidence to suggest such an approach might work.

The signs have always been that the regime would pull the whole house down around it before capitulating, and also that its strategic allies, especially Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, would not allow that to happen.

In addition, the West faces the reality that the moderate opposition elements it has been trying to boost have proven neither cohesive, credible nor effective on the ground.

Instead, the running has largely been made by Islamist factions, many linked to al-Qaeda.

Full article.....
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