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According to many Donkey fans here....Manning solves all the problems Denver has. There is no stopping them.
But they looked so great in one preseason game against a 49'er defense missing three of its starters and that didn't gameplan. Yeah, Manning and company looked horrible before that, but that doesn't count. Only the good counts and you ignore all the bad. It's the secret key to Superbowl success.

Anyway, most other teams don't have the experience the Raiders have with bringing in vets who are on their last leg. We've seen it go well with some guys but not so well with most.

That said, Manning would seem to be the type of guy who could take a year off and have multiple surgeries and come back okay from it. But if I were a Denver fan, I'd be cautiously optimistic at best until I saw real results on the field in a real game. And if Manning does go down, that's it. They'll lose every single game he doesn't play in.

If it was my job to make predictions, I'd pick Denver to win the division. It's the safest bet. But they're not gonna roll through it like they think they will.
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