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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Don't forget, the Iraqi PM and parliament ordered us out of the country. I don't think there was much wiggle room there.

I don't think the Kurds could give a **** what happens to the rest of Iraq. The Iraqis have treated them like **** for a hundred years. I really expect Obama to unleash drone and missile attacks on the ISIS positions within days.
They may have passed a referendum to get us out but I'm certain there were ways to tweak that which should have been done so that there was a rapid response force available.

As far as the Kurds, I don't buy that. Turkey, Iran, Syria, and the rest of Iraq have been very vocal about what they would do if an independent Kurdistan ever forms (which is inevitable if Iraq falls) and awhile they are pretty disciplined and powerful, they wouldn't survive that attack. The only thing I can see preventing them is if they think Turkey, Iran, and Syria will view it as an act of war or rebellion by sending their troops outside their autonomous region. With that single exception, I view this as they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
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