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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by Johnykbr View Post
We have a historical analogy for this though which is making a lot of people hypocritical. JFK started Vietnam and just played around over there then LBJ went full retard and blew the whole thing up, but say what you will, he at least knew enough that you either go full out or nothing at all. Then Nixon takes it and tries the same thing then sees nobody likes it and pulls out and thousands of people lose their lives over this. In my opinion, all three are responsible for the mess with Nixon being the most because his exit strategy was freaking awful.

Bush went into Iraq and while initially incredibly successful he went full retard for awhile as well and nothing was accomplished after the first few months. But the Surge happens and Iraq becomes a much better place, not nearly good enough of course but definitely better and trending up. Obama had only one thing to continue to do and he pulled a Nixon.

To be honest, I don't think Iraq was ever going to come out of this well but it sure as hell should have lasted longer than this.

Side note: WTF are the Kurds thinking? They could score some massive PR points here in an area that hates them and they are instead taking their ball and going home. Not to mention that ISIS will eventually go after them if they are successful. The Kurds are the only army disciplined enough to march south and give the Iraqi government time to reorganize. Then they are pretty much guaranteed to keep Mosul afterwards and get some brownie points with the Shiites and the rest of the world.
Don't forget, the Iraqi PM and parliament ordered us out of the country. I don't think there was much wiggle room there.

I don't think the Kurds could give a **** what happens to the rest of Iraq. The Iraqis have treated them like **** for a hundred years. I really expect Obama to unleash drone and missile attacks on the ISIS positions within days.
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