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1. Jarvis Jones will NOT be a factor in the NFL for 3 years, if at all.

2. The middle round WR's will be a lot better than ALL the WR's who came out last year, and outperform many drafted ahead of them this year. Markus Wheaton, Aaron Dobson, Chris Harper, and Tavarres King will play right away and could post better numbers than any WR last year as a rookie on the right team.

3. Cornellius Washington will be an Impact Left OLB next year if he goes to a 3-4 team.

4. Eric Reid becomes the all-pro Caliber Safety from all the hyped Safeties in this class, and Phillip Thomas is the second best.

5. Stepfan Taylor will impact the most of all the rookie RB's, because he can play all three downs, pro pass protect, and catch the ball.

6. Jamar Taylor becomes the best CB from this class, because he can play all types of coverage and tackle coming out.

7. There will be less Pass Rushers from this class than people think, and only a few will ever impact at the next level.

8. This will be the best year for DT's since 2003. Heck, it just might be the best ever if inconsistent guys like Hankins and Jenkins make it work instead of turning out to be the next overrated Ron Brace. There is talent all over this draft like I have NEVER seen in 15 years. There are legit NT's, big time 3 Tech's, Solid 4-3 NT's, and some tremendous 5tech's who I believe are more DT than DE's. There is talent all the way to fifth round who are better than current NFL starters at certain positions IMHO.

I have a lot more, but let's start there.

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