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Default Make Your Bold 2013 NFL Draft Predictions.

Thought this would be a fun thread for the draft fans on the board. This is the thread where you can start calling your shots early. Got a player you wanna pump up and think will be a game changer in the NFL? Pimp him here. Predict a pick? Do it here. Stuff like that. This is where you can get crazy and lay it all on the line.
  • Markus Wheaton will be one of, if not the best receiver to come out of this class. I believe he will see multiple Pro-Bowls, despite being under the radar in comparison to most prospects. I think he is going to be an absolute monster in the NFL. I love his ability to attack the ball in the air and how smooth he is catching the football.
  • E.J. Manuel, QB from Florida State will be a Top 40 selection.
  • Miami Dolphins move up to secure one of the top OL prospects in this class. They do not stand pat where they are.

More to come.
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