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Default iverson to come to denver?

its not broncos news, but in my humble opinion broncos fans should also be nuggets fans (just my .02. i know alot of you arent. ), so this should be relevant to most of you out there.

anyway, the nuggets pregame show on am950 is RIGHT NOW reporting that a source within the league office has leaked word that the nuggets and sixers have agreed to the essentials of a trade that will bring iverson to denver.

whaddya think broncos/nuggets fans?

let me be clear here and say that this is NOT official information, and realistically still falls under the "speculation" category, but for the 1st time there is at least a source thats reporting that it WILL happen, so its past pure conjecture.
shem made it clear that NO ONE from the nuggets office has addressed this report, but its exciting none the less, since the source apparently works for the league.

personally, i gotta say that i like it.
i DONT like the idea of losing jr smith and/or nene hilario, both of whom are young, talented, and should blossom into solid if not very good nba players.

that said, i am now and always will be about winning NOW, and with that in mind, i hope this info is correct.
the 2 top scorers on the same team?
both of whom are likely to put winning 1st and their own point total 2nd?
i like it. git er done.

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