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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
McFadden's one of the best backs in football -- when he's healthy. If he can't stay on the field, the Raiders are going to have serious problems scoring points, regardless of how much speed they have at wide receiver.
I would disagree with this if we still had the same offense in place as last year. Without McFadden, with Palmer coming in off the couch, and with 2/3 of our starting WRs out for half of the season, and also having just one running back for the final 7 games of the season, we still found a way to score enough points to win games. It was the D that was the problem.

Anyway, Greg Knapp has taken over as our OC. He's proven to be a good QB coach, but as an OC he's sucked hind teat. I don't necessarily hold his first stint in Oakland against him. Hell, Jamarcus Russel was the quarterback. Everyone coach and player around that fat bastard gets a pass. But in Seattle he was hands down rotten and he had solid talent to work with.

So what's going to be different now? Beats the hell out of me. As time goes on and as the complete picture of Knapp has come out, I personally don't have a lot of confidence in him. The guy has Carson Palmer rolling out and running around behind the LOS. What a f'ing blockhead.

Round hole, square peg. Most of us understand this concept by the time we're old enough to live the reality that indeed, some shapes are not other shapes, and therefore they don't go together. Most discover this at around age 2. Slow learners might be 3 by the time they've figured this out. I think Knapp's 38.

Or maybe he's not a retard and this is just the beginning of Reggie McKenzie burning down the entire house in order to rebuild it in His Own Image--or at least not in Al's image. I won't say that he wants to see the team fail this season but I have a feeling it would be okay with if we took a gigantic crap.

Then: out with Palmer and out with our current wideouts; all of whom were drafted to play in a power run, field stretching offense. Same thing on the defensive side. Eat **** on some contracts, get some high round draft picks back, and begin rebuilding.

I hope not. It's not necessary. But if Oakland totally implodes this year, Reggie McKenzie won't lose a minute of sleep over it.[/QUOTE]
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