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Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
Okur? You're kidding, right? 17.6, decent, not All Star material. 7.4 rebounds, decent, nothing special for a center. 0.60 blocks a game. A center averaging .6 blocks a game and you think he is an All Star!??!!??! Most clutch player? Good lord, take off the homer goggles.
And he is not the best center not on an All-Star team.
First of all, what Center has been better? As for the points he has one point less than Marion and Stoudemire who are on the team, and only 2 less than Josh Howard who got totally hosed, right? As for the rebounds, he has the 4th leading rebounder in the league on his team. As for the most clutch, thats debatable, but there is an argument for him. He has hit a ton of key shots in the last 2 minutes of games and in the 4th quarter during huge comebacks.. The only reason he doesn't get more attention is because he is on the jazz. The only center that has more points per game than him and is not on an all-star team is Eddy Curry. Considering the fact that the two players that are injured are PF and Center, I think he is as legitimate of a replacement as any. Any more questions, then refer to the 4th quarter of the game against the Spurs wednesday, end of the overtime against the grizzlies, overtime game against the Suns earlier in the season, GW shot vs. the Warriors earlier this season, etc... I will give you the fact that there are others to replace in the all-star game just as qualified, but not from the Center position.
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