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Originally Posted by sgbfan View Post
For replacements I think it has to be between Melo, Randolph, Brand and Okur.

Personally I hope Okur makes it. He has had a great season, especially considering how well Boozer has played. He is on one of the top 5 teams in the NBA as well. He has also been possibly the most clutch player in the NBA this season. He showed that Wednesday against the Spurs. He has come up HUGE in the 4th quarter time and again this season. I know I am a Jazz Homer, but this guy deserves it as much as anyone else. He is scoring almost 18 points a game and has both Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams on his team that both score a lot. He is easily the best Center (term used loosely) this year that is not on the all-star team.

Theres my rant for the day
Okur? You're kidding, right? 17.6, decent, not All Star material. 7.4 rebounds, decent, nothing special for a center. 0.60 blocks a game. A center averaging .6 blocks a game and you think he is an All Star!??!!??! Most clutch player? Good lord, take off the homer goggles.
And he is not the best center not on an All-Star team.
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