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I think its ridiculous that Melo and Howard didn't make it. Whatever though, I don't really care.

Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
The Suns are 1/2 a game back of Dallas, and are 0-2 against them this season.

Dallas went 0-4 until they played Phoenix for the first time. Dallas used Phoenix to springboard off of the mat, and Dallas hasnt been back on it since. The second time they played, PHX went on their cute little runs and Dallas waited in the lurch to reach up and choke them out when it mattered.

I'll believe that the Suns can beat the Mavs in the playoffs when I see it. Until then, enjoy the regular season and quit comparing the Suns to the defending conference champions.
While I do think the Mavs are a better team, I think you are taking what the Suns have been doing too lightly. I mean, the Suns started out 1-5, and have gone 36-4 since then. Mavs have gone 38-4 sine their 0-4 start. This is why bad starts aren't exactly deathening in the NBA, NHL or MLB because there are so many games.
Also, the first game was a long time ago, when both teams weren't playing "great" basketball. It was still close, 119-112, the second game was even closer in Dallas, 101-99. It isn't exactly like the Mavs killed the Suns in both games.

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