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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
What were his postseason stats and why didn't he start in the biggest game of his career?...*hint* the 1992 AFC Championship game.

Who won that game?

What happened on the final play?


Ever heard of Rickey Jackson? - 128 sacks.

He wasn't a linebacker he was a one dimensional pass rusher who had entire defenses bulit around him. He padded his stats against lesser opponents and the majority of his sacks were at Sparrowhead.

You have obviously not experienced the rivalry in the 90s by watching. Any clear thinking person could see instantly the effect DT had in the game.

Trying to dismiss 7 sacks by asking who won is for those that struggle with logic. Its the record. Followed by not one but two 6 sack games by the end of his carreer. No one has come close. Including your boy Miller.

If DT played today he would be the best defender in the west. Bar None.

And ask Elway if he can tackle.
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