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Rock/R&B/Pop music lovers' MUST SEE: Tom Dowd & The Language of Music. Lots on Allmans, Clapton, interviews with both (and many others), and they play the slide and lead tracks - bussed alone - from the tag-out of Layla. Goosebumps when I heard them laid bare.

Astonishing film. History and interviews from WWII to 2002.

Gregg's song "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" is a personal classic re: rehab and life change. Sad Gregg hasn't always heeded his own message, but he and the Brothers are such powerful artists. "Dreams" with that organ and shuffle backbeat gives me chills every time, and the lonely "gypsy" vagabond in "Melissa" is as timeless and poignant a lyric as I've ever heard.
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