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Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
After tonight Ogletree might lose some draft stock, the guy got steam rolled all night long. Maybe we can steal Ogletree late in the second round.
It's definitely a thought. I don't see how he goes in Round 1.

I'm not overly high on Ogletree. Taking college 34 ILBs that play in limited space and schemes, and projecting them to a 43 NFL style defense is pretty risky. Not to mention the off-the-field concerns.

He definitely appears athletic and probably is a 3 down LB, but what is the cost? He looked bad in the run game, and most RBs in the NFL are Lacy's size. I guess he could be a developmental talent if you think you could put another 10-15lbs on him while being able to keep his athleticism. His instincts are obviously good as well.

I'd still feel a little reluctant taking him in the last 2nd to play MIKE in a 43. There is definitely risk there regardless of early draft hype.
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