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I live in the suburbs, we are allowed to own guns, I don't think we can carry concealed weapons but not wanting one I never checked it out. My dad is big into guns he has a whole bunch of shotguns and rifles and a pistol that is more for quick draw type stuff.

Way back about 25 years ago he bought me a shotgun for Christmas and I was like what am I going to do with this but I figured I would give hunting a try. We went out shooting birds downstate once, it was kinda fun shooting things but late in the day I was following a flock and pulled off a round just as my uncle moved over into our blind and I am surprised to this day I didn't blow his head off. Maybe if we didn't waste what we killed and I didn't nearly kill my uncle I would have a different take on guns. As far as I am concerned they are made for one purpose and that is to take life. My dad still has my shotgun at his house, I won't allow it nor any kind of gun in my house.

I read our local paper and review the police reports and we don't get night time robberies. I feel safe in my home. I can't sleep most nights so there is usually some activity in the house almost all hours, We have motion sensing lights, keep the bushes around the house cut low leave a light on downstairs and make it generally less appealing for someone to break in. If some one did break in I wouldn't have the time to get a locked gun and load it, I feel better calling the police and knowing they are on their way than having a gun in my house. One would have to sleep with an unlocked loaded gun to have a chance at using it in an event like that. Plus if they did break in with my neck I wouldn't be able to aim and handle the recoil so all I would do is piss off the intruder and likely die because he killed me with my own weapon. Plus the couple times I have been rearended in my car the stress of the event was so shocking I was stunned and couldn't believe it was really happening. I doubt faced with an armed intruder hell bent on hurting me and my family I would be able to do more than call 911. I know everyone likes to think they could react under fire but without practicing and training for a home break in until it was second nature I wouldn't be able to do more than call 911.

My other piece of home protection is our dog, I really feel that if any door was opened he would bark and give us time to call the police and let them handle the intruder. I have gone out the front door late at nights with everyone else asleep and the dog sleeping upstairs has gone crazy when he heard the door open, and I thought I was as quiet as I cool be. Just my roaming around downstairs at night will set off a growl and he will come out and check on me.

My Brother in law has guns they live in the area, he keeps a bat by his bed because his guns are locked up in a safe in the basement. He knows if someone broke in he wouldn't have time to get to them and he doesn't want to keep an unlocked gun around his kids, he told me he would rather be beaten with his own bat than killed with his own gun.

I think raising my kids in a gun free environment is better for them in the long term. Talking to them about how to react to different scenarios and having plans for different events is more important to me than packing heat.

I think it would actually provide more jobs to add more police, and while they can't be everywhere (which is not the point) they would be more visible and quicker to respond which saves more lives. If you leave public places like banks and malls and even schools unpoliced we as a society are making it too easy for nut jobs and criminals to plan attacks and pull off robberies.

You like to bring up the gun violence in Chicago but the fact is most of it is in gang riddled areas where there is little to no patrols being done. Emanual moves cops around from one blighted area to another rather than expand the force to provide the the levels of enforcement that is truly needed, and most of that is because lack of funding. Do taxes suck? Yes, can someone making $100k pay more than someone making $30k **** yes. If you want to live in a country where you have a modicum of safety, infrastructure, schooling, public works, and quality of life then you have to expect to pay for those things. Too many people are too concerned about how much money they can make, protecting their wealth, and what they get out of life rather than worry about how they can make things better for the communities they and their familes live in.

Giving me a gun and telling me to protect mine is not the answer, we need to find a way to protect what is OURs.
Good post and, while it is not mine, I don't mind your stance.
I would prefer to keep the police force low, taxes low, and I'll take care of myself.

I live in a good community. There is very low crime in the area and we also feel safe.
I do own numerous guns, but like your dad, they are currently useless to me in an invasion and locked up in the basement, away from my kids. Prior to my kids, I kept a loaded handgun within reach in the bedroom.

I will soon buy a fingerprint opened safe, so I again can keep the handgun in the bedroom, loaded, within reach. I would like to eventually have another on the 1st floor. Given my community is generally safe, keeping my kids safe from my guns is priority #1, and protecting them is priority #2.

I can't get a carry license in NJ, but I would if I could. In my life, had I had one, I admit I would never have had a reason to even remove it from the holster. That said, the thought of being in a situation where I could not actively protect my wife or children is sickening enough that I would certainly carry if I could. Dialing 911 is just not an acceptable option to me
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