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Originally Posted by BroncoFanatic View Post
If a deranged drug-upped killer comes in to your kid's school, which classroom would you want him to be in:
  • the one with the teacher who will teach them to curl into a little ball and hide, hoping to avoid notice?
  • the one where the teacher will have them out of the way, while being ready with his/her own firearm, with which they are trained?
The liberal attitude on gun control contributed to deaths at Sandy Hook. An armed teacher, screened and trained properly, could have saved lives.

All you panty-waste libs can start crying now.
I have never worked in a district that allowed teachers to carry when I was Texas, though a few do, but I did have the code to the SRO's gun safe which contained several AR-15s. The SROs took the time to show me how to use them if things ever came to that. Ofcourse it never did, but there are work-a-rounds to provide some level of access for school administrators.

The district I know of that allows teachers to carry requires a concealed weapons permit plus additional training and individual approval from the supt and school board. Only the supt and board know who the armed teachers are. It's a district NE of Dallas.

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