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Originally Posted by Brewer View Post
Nice- a dude from Orange County making fun of Denver? Ha ha ha ha! Orange County! Other than the fact that it shares a name with one of the Broncos' most important colors, it's a **** hole. Honestly.

Ok, as far as a Jersey boy moving to Colorado, we're full. There's no room here. And you Californians can stay in California. This is Colorado. If you do end up disobeying me and come here from California, DO NOT b**** about how this is not California. We know. That's why we live here. If you don't like it then hurry back to Cali. Seriously, though, there are people from all over the world living in Colorado and that's cool in a lot of ways. What's not cool is when they start to whine about all of the things they miss about where they came from. Shut up about it, you chose to move to Colorado. I don't care about how great it was where you used to live. Instead of jacking your jaws about it just pack your ****e and move back. That is all.

Sounds like you're bitter about Cali. No need to miss or migrate to the Midwest, I can handle the expenses of living here.
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