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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by ro_50 View Post
Hello fellow Orangemaners!

Its Ro_50.

Thank you for clarifing this point. For a minute there, we might have thought someone hacked your account.

I had a question that was not sports related.

I think you are in trouble. Sounds like a place for Maniac area but ask OF1 for his thoughts on this.

I'm contemplating moving away from New Jersey (been here 7 years) and want to make one final move before settling down in a new city.

Ok, what is it? You want to move away from NJ but seems you are looking for a city to live in for a final move before deciding to live in a new city. So what non new city are you moving to ?

I like NJ but I want a change and go somewhere fresh and make a new start for myself.

Finally! To this California, NJ people are weird. Yes, a SoCaler just called out NJ.

I'm looking to move by 2015 and the cities I've considered have been Chicago (a city which I love and been there nearly 15 times), Seattle and Denver.

So choices are before your choice of depressing Seattle, windy Chicago or Cow town Denver?

I'm posting this because I've never been to Denver and don't know much about the area (other than what I've read about). I have friends who live near Littleton and thinking about visiting next year sometime to get a feel for the city.

Oh ****! Asking Maners about life decisions might be not be a good choice. Did you read the thread on Myrtle Beach? Some really bad opinions that turned out to be horribly wrong.

I just wanted to know for a single 34-year old guy who wouldn't want to live in the city but in the suburbs (want to settle down eventually and have a family), how is the job market out there in general and cost of living?

34 and single? You are gay. Boulder or Florence might be a better choice.

I venture it's not cheap but its not as expensive as New Jersey.

Aqua Net? Probably not found in cases at Costco but it is all about supply and demand.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Prepare your anus

See bold and good luck!
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