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Visited Seattle a few times. I concur with ColoradoDarin. The lack of sun drives me nuts after a few days. Cool area though for sure.

There are still screaming deals in the front range. Market has gotten a bit soft lately. Rates are still killer. I'm not in the rate predicting business but pretty obvious they are going to be tightened by the fed over the next few years.

If you have the ability I would buy a fixer upper now and rent it. Rentals are EXTREMELY tight. Toss is some fresh paint and rental grade carpet and cash flow it til 2015, rip out all the carpet and Customize it how you want in 2015.

You'd be up 50k or more.

I have associates who can help you buy and even manage it for you. Same for anyone else. I've been busy the last few years doing some renovations of my own but have time to help some others again.
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