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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I am perfectly fine with that...

Not really referencing you specifically as I don't think you've had *too* much difficulty with this concept, but if I may step on the soap box for a second:

It really isn't too much to ask anyone here to provide content if they're going to talk smack. Smack alone is not content. You want to blast someone? Fine, but blast them with facts and make yourself a message board lion, and not a yipping chihuahua. That's what this forum USED to be, and that's what I want it to return to. Popps and I are famous for blasting each other - but we always made our quarrels content rich, even if we did occasionally drop a low road comment on one another.

Watermock took the low road plenty of times - but everyone who was here then knows that Mock provided a ton of content along the way (as off color as he was, he was also a very thoughtful guy). Sure he got banned a few times, and he well deserved each ban (as far as I'm concerned). These rules here aren't intended to limit expression so much as it is to make sure that the expression is worth reading.

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