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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
2 things, 1st shoot outs still suck

2nd you should still not get a point for losing a game.

3rd we got out coached today, both goalies let in 3 questionable goals in the first period, one was smart enough to pull his, the other waited until the 4th goal was scored, also why the heck was boulerice playing not downie ? if they wanted boulerice in so bad they should have sat kappy, who brings nothing to the table, dotn get me wrong he still tries, but hes got hands of stone and the vision of stevie wonder, sounds just liek boulerice except he takes stupid penalties too.

ok i guess that was 3 things

I was wondering why Jesse was in and Steve was out. My speculation was, and this is merely a guess, Downie may have had a setback with his concussion. It was only the first or second game back from his concussion and he dropped the gloves. He took a couple of wicked shots to the head during a very good "punch in the face" contest. Again, it's a guess but I have no idea why you would play Jesse in favor of Downie.
I agree about shootouts. I would go 4 on 4 for 5 minutes, then 3 on 3 for 10 minutes. Someone will score within those 15 minutes and it would be as entertaining as the shootout and you would still keep the "team" eliment.

One last thing, Carter is still playing incredible hockey. We needed someone to step up and he sure as hell has.
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