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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Sounds to me like residents of an area just want to incorporate and make a city. They are outside of baton Rouge and drew up the lines of the new city along geographical boundires like the miss river and exisiting boundries on the other side. The new city seems to be a standard shape and includes all the areas residents.

So really nothing changes other then a big city pissed some unincorpotated areas nearby they currently had some control over want to be there own city. Throw in a big mall they got huge revnue from and you can see why.
Sounds to you? Great. Go live there.

It's not a big mall, it's more or less every retail area in the vicinity.

How would you feel if the majority of what you spent at retail establishments went to bettering your city one year, then went to a bunch of people who just decided they wanted to be separate the next?

I can guarantee you that if you were a resident you wouldn't have been in favor of developing the new retail outlets in the first place, and if people tried to steal their revenue from you you'd be up in arms.
But since it's a poor city far from you, you'll just repeat righty groupthink and pretend this is all okay in the name of 'Merica!
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