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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
This "****ty teacher" crap is tiring. For every "this is your teacher, you get what you get", there's "here are your students! you get what you get!"

In my experience, the people who complain the most about teachers are the ****tiest parents.

But yeah, you're wasting your breath, because not only is our public education system not going anywhere, it's not going to get any better using conservative ideas like school "choice", which ultimately (and again, in my experience) don't change the status quo. Then the municipality (usually led by conservatives) says "welp! that didn't work either, but charter schools..." all the while not factoring in the distant, uninvolved parents or the socioeconomic issues which cause poor performance. Nope, it's always the teachers' fault.

Then of course, when you follow the money, it goes right back to the legislators or their friends and relatives. It's happening in Detr. oit at this very moment.
Barkin' up the wrong tree, my friend. I have an immediate relative in Public education. I see first hand the struggle and hard work that many teachers put in. And as I've said before, the best ones view it as mission work more than a job. And I tend to agree with their sentiment.

But there are more than a few that aren't that way. And they get paid just as much whether they like, or are good at what they do or not.

The Lowest Common Denominator culture harms everyone. It drives talented professionals, even with advanced education degrees into other lines of work. You won't attract many of the most talented people into the profession without competitive pay. But you can't have competitive pay when every warm body has to be paid equally.

But that's all mostly beside the point. Once you kids get your single payer dream, do you kids think your doctor should be assigned? Is that the way health care should work?

Ooooh, I hope I draw a good one!
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