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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Where's the "We spend more money than anyone and still have lackluster results to show for it, so let's blow up the system" Proggie response?

Anyway. You take your car to the best mechanic you can find. You try to find the best doctor available.

Why only in public education is the story "This is your teacher. You get what you get."

If families had choice in education, many ****ty teachers would have empty classrooms. And districts would have no choice but to let them go. The system is anti-competitive to its core, and makes no sense. We spend boatloads of cash on it. And it doesn't work.

But I guess I'm just wasting my breath on the more stodgy education-establishment conservatives.
This "****ty teacher" crap is tiring. For every "this is your teacher, you get what you get", there's "here are your students! you get what you get!"

In my experience, the people who complain the most about teachers are the ****tiest parents.

But yeah, you're wasting your breath, because not only is our public education system not going anywhere, it's not going to get any better using conservative ideas like school "choice", which ultimately (and again, in my experience) don't change the status quo. Then the municipality (usually led by conservatives) says "welp! that didn't work either, but charter schools..." all the while not factoring in the distant, uninvolved parents or the socioeconomic issues which cause poor performance. Nope, it's always the teachers' fault.

Then of course, when you follow the money, it goes right back to the legislators or their friends and relatives. It's happening in Detroit at this very moment.
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