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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
The transition would definitely get ugly for some districts. But mostly for those districts where things really need to get ugly.
Transition? The final product of school "choice" isn't educational utopia, nor has it been proven to be necessarily "better" than the way the current system works in most places. And that is before you factor in all of the other problems it creates.

Regardless, the more I look at this, particularly the map of the proposed new incorporation, the more I think it has very little to do with schools at all and more of a money grab. Not only have they cordoned off Mall of LA and Perkins, but basically EVERY other major retail zone in the area that isn't an LSU satellite.

Considering that there is really nowhere else for people to go, this won't solve or even address any race issues (which is why it was stupid for the articles to phrase it as such).
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