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A few days old but just saw this today:

Q: Why don't Nuggets fans ever get credit for being tortured?

Great question! They've only played in one Finals in 1976, in the ABA, falling to Doctor J and the Nets in six game. Their franchise's greatest moment was beating Seattle in Round 1 of the 1994 playoffs. (Not a joke.) In 46 seasons, they've played in just six conference finals and lost five of them. They've lost in the first round nine of the past 10 years. Their four greatest players in franchise history were Carmelo Anthony (quit on them to play in New York), David Thompson (derailed by cocaine), Dan Issel (who made only one All-Star Game after Denver moved to the NBA) and Alex English (whose career highlight was playing an exhibition game with the '86 Celtics for a scene in Amazing Grace and Chuck). They've never drafted higher than third or signed a marquee free agent. During their best possible chance to win an NBA title (the late '70s, when they had Thompson and Issel and nearly made the 1977 Finals), they seized the moment by picking Tom Lagarde ninth in '77 (the previous two picks: Bernard King and Jack Sikma), then eventually dealing the wildly underrated Bobby Jones for the wildly overrated George McGinnis.

I could go on and on. Just know that last night's comeback/collapse/refpocalypse (four blown calls in the final three-plus minutes, including two killers against Denver in the final 12 seconds) felt perfectly Denver-y. The poor Denver fans need a break. You know, other than the statewide legalization of marijuana.
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