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Originally Posted by ChampBailey24 View Post
i know its twitter but heres some interesting stuff from brandon spano:

Brandon Spano Show ‏ @BrandonSpano
Has Manning signed yet? Oh, not yet? Thats okay, give it some time. He'll be a Bronco soon enough, kids.

Brandon Spano Show ‏ @BrandonSpano
Let's put it this way. If Manning was done with his meetings and we had no chance of disrespecting anybody, I'd be writing a story right now

Brandon Spano Show ‏ @BrandonSpano
Let's be more specific, I've already written the story and a have the big red GO button by my side.
he certainly seems confident....if it doesnt turn out this way i hope people berade @BrandonSpano with comments gently explaining how he wiffed on this.
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