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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Well this is what I think we should do. Move the What do you do for a living poll into this forum and sticky it. That way everyone can see exactly what sector of the workforce everyone is in so they can identify posters that are in similar fields. Next we start a specific thread for each of those sectors of the workforce that are listed on the poll. I believe there are 31 of them. Within each sub thread those posters that are in that sector post their location/specific role/ and career level. That should get those looking for help to the right people. Then within each of these sub threads people can put postings about job opportunities/job searches/etc. Just out of curiosity it would be fun to then add a thread about success stories to track how effective this method is and then it would allow us to make changes as we see fit. TI am more than willing to essentially run this part of the site if Taco doesnt want to assign a real moderator to this forumn. Thoughts?
I think that is an excellent idea.
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