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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Nuggets4 View Post
Anyone, and I'm looking at Hogan when I say this, a fan of Bad Brains? I just found out that the company I'm working for is going to be promoting their first album. Apparently their label is re-issuing it onto CD because it was never put on CD before. They're not re-mastering it, it's going to include all of the static that the LP's and tapes did because that's how the punk kids work. I'm seriously pumped about this one.
Sorry Nug, not really much of a Bad Brains fan. I have a couple of friends that are though and will be thrilled with this news. I don't really know why but much of the DC/Discord scene turns me off....outside of Minor Threat & Rites Of Spring, nothing else really does much for me....and neither does Ian MacKaye on the whole (he annoys me really). Lot's of people love stuff like Fugazi and Go-Go stuff like Trouble Funk, but I just never really got into it.
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