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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
HE got suspended! How much more you want? He didnt hit him in the head but the shoulders. If he was shorter, the hit is in the back not the shoulders. And yes he needs to be careful because of his height but the point was that his actions in game 3 are not how he should be looked upon from the past or future. Physical? Damn skippy and I wouldnt want anything less. The helmet item was the fact that if he had it on properly, the reaction wouldnt have been so severe. The penalty would have still been called regardless. Hell, they called it on the wrong guy! Back to the game.

One game is fine with me. In fact, in a different point in the game, I'd settle for a game misconduct and call it good. But in mop up time, that was cheap and the one game was fine. Ironic that O'Donnell was bemoaning how when games are out of hand, people take 'liberties' on the winning team and that it has to stop, then Pronger does this.

Anyway, nice win last night. The Ducks were 1-1 v Detroit without Pronger this season so I knew it was perfectly conceivable that they'd show up, hit hard, and win. Jiggy was sick. The Wings pi$$ed away a couple of golden opportunities but, on the whole, a not so bad loss. At least I'm more confident that they can hang with the Ducks now. The young guys ain't exactly 'closers' yet, so we'll see how they finish up this series in a best of 3.
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