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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
I love the USA. I don't base my love for my country on race as you do. being the white nationalists that you are,i wouldn't expect you to understand.

I like Canada and mexico but I do love USA.

I'm assuming that is what you mean? America is made up of two continents,north America and south America. "America" is not a country.
You say you love the USA...but in the same breath, you support the political movement that seeks to destroy the cultural icon known as Santa Claus by making him a penguin.

The attack on the Santa Claus of European origin is merely symbolic of a greater attack on the people and culture that created the Greatest nation of the 20th Century; the USofA.

So you say you love the USA, but your support for leftist policies tell a completely different story. After all, would you go to Japan and attempt to marginalize their rich traditions? You don't truly believe in American Greatness or you wouldn't support the leftist policies that you do....
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