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Originally Posted by Jason in LA View Post
Those stats do not illustrate what is going on with this knockout game, and you focus on the bottom of the barrel black folks. When your sole focus in your arguments are based on them, it comes off as if you are saying the majority of the race is like that. Maybe you're hanging out in the wrong places are around the wrong crowds. Judging by your point of views, most of the people I hang around are thugs. Sorry, but that's not the case. Sure, I know some thugs. I don't hang with those folks. But most of the black people that I come in contact with are just normal folks. And I've lived off of Crenshaw Blvd damn near my entire life. Really thinking about it, I'm probably more concerned with the thugs than you are, because I actually have to interact with them to some degree. But I'm not on here spouting off how violent black folks are. You shouldn't just a race by the bottom of the barrel folks. That's just makes you look bad. Like a racist.
The knockout game stories and statistics can be referenced by looking at

Despite me stating in clear terms in my post above the following

"My other posts in this WRP forum relate to the hypocrisy in the media and their coverage of an interracial crime when the PERP is a WHITE MALE versus the 85% of the time when WHITES ARE THE VICTIMS of interracial crime. I can give you the example of Tawna Brawley, the Jena6, the Duke Lacrosse case among others...the media falls all over themselves to paint America as no different than it was in 1940's with the overly oppressive white male largely at fault. Today's America is a stark contrast to our checkered history but with the misplaced fervor of the media I covering a SELECT few stories that paint a certain narrative, you'd never know that"

You take my posts as a condemnation of the entire black race. That is an overly emotional response that fails to take into account my statement italicized above that explains my point of view. The media doesn't cover interracial crime in a way that reflects the modern realities of America today. (see the crime statistics that show 85% of the PERPS of violent interracial crime are blacks)

And Jason in LA, why do you think that is? How can the media's news coverage be so different from the realities of today..why do we hear so often about the 15% and not the 85%?

How can you explain the nationwide fervor over the RICH WHITE LAX players at Duke university reportedly RAPING a BLACK stripper? Where was the nationwide, minute to minute, wall to wall coverage for the raping and murdering of 2 white college kids by a group of blacks in Tenneseee? (

Change the circumstances above to 2 Black college students and a group of white PERPS who raped and murdered these black students and we'd see not only wall to wall & minute by minute news coverage by CNN, MSNBC etc, but we'd see government sanctioned rallies ala Trayvon Martin.

There is a HUGE double standard that is being perpetuated by our culture today; I'm for EQUALITY for ALL and our news media seems to slant their coverage in a way that not only fails to reflect the reality of today, but it seems to do so with an ulterior motive that is anything but fair.

Bringing to light the facts of interracial crime isn't racist, it's merely the truth. If an interracial crime occurs, blacks are more likely to be the perpetrators of that crime and whites the victim. That is present day reality in America.

Jason in LA, what can be done to help curb this violence?
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