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A few things I don't really understand, and it's probably better that I don't give any of them much thought.

1. Why anybody would have a problem with Santa being white. The character that we know as Santa is a white guy. It's pretty simple. Why anybody would have a problem with the images of a white Santa is beyond me. And I also don't get why anybody would waste their time arguing with somebody who has an issue with a white Santa. I guess it takes a moron to argue with a moron.

2. Why anybody would have an issue with Santa being portrayed as a non-white man. Santa can be represented by any race. I'm a member of a black organization, and we throw a Christmas party every year for children who are affected by sickle cell. Guess what, we had a black guy in a Santa suit giving them toys. It's a really touching event. Really thinking about it, there was only one non-black guy there this past year. He was a white guy. How silly would it be for us to have him put on the suit because he's white. A member from our organization puts on the suit every year. We're not going to go out and hire some white guy to do it. That's just silly. While I agree that the character is white, Santa can be portrayed by any race. Hell, I was Clark Kent for Halloween.

3. What txtebow problem with black people is. I mean damn, does he just hate us? Everything that I've read from him about black people is extremely negative. Like societies problems all come from black people. I guess if we weren't here, this country would be all good. There is something wrong with that guy.

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