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Originally Posted by NaptownChief

Would agree with you on all accounts. He has been saddled with very poor defenses most of his career so far. If Dungy can muster up a top 15 defense for the next couple years I would fully expect him to bring Indy a ring, maybe two.

If McNair were saddled with the Colts D and Manning had the Titans the past several years Manning would probably have a ring or two and McNair's teams would struggle to sniff the playoffs. Just my worthless opinion however
You're right, your opinion is absolutely worthless here.

You do realize that statistically (yards per game/points allowed) Indy defense was better than the Titans in 2002? The two defenses were neck and neck in those categories as well last year.

Some people talk about Indy's defense like it was some sort of albatross around Peyton's neck, but the last two years the Indy Defense was around 10th in the league.

McNair is older and has less years left, I'll give you that. But McNair is twice the QB Manning will ever be because he's a better overall QB than Manning.

If you think the sun shines outta Manning's butt, fine, I won't try and refute your opinion because you're entitled to it, but get your facts right when slamming a QB like McNair about his "much better" defense.

What's this "PURE PASSING" QB shiat anyway?

To me that's like saying Salaam is a good "pure run blocking" tackle! It's totally ignoring his pass protection which is crap.

Manning is able to throw with accuracy and make the right decisions (i.e. throw to Marvin, throw to Marvin, throw to Marvin, throw to Dallas Clark, or Pollard).

But so was freakin' greaseball. Until that is, the OLine/WR/RB weren't perfect and he starting choking badly. Kinda like what Manning has been doing for the most part in the playoffs when the level of competition is higher.

While Manning was getting smacked around in the playoffs McNair was gutting it out and keeping his team in games. Eventually McNair's teams lost in the SuperBowl or to AFC teams that went on to the SuperBowl.

But Manning is this media darling and everyone loves him so ofcourse every year the mantra is that his defense sucks and he has no weapons even though Reggie Wayne has been a solid number 2 WR, and he's always had two pass catching TEs in that offense along with a good or great RB.

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